Horsetooth Outlet Project Update – Outdoor watering restrictions begin October 1

Working together to protect our water system

North Weld County Water District is one of four water providers in northern Colorado impacted by the Horsetooth Outlet Project. Safety, water quality and access to water are our top priorities while the project is underway.

During the project, water from Horsetooth Reservoir won’t be accessible, meaning that North Weld County Water District users will rely solely on water from other sources. We have been working collaboratively with East Larimer County Water District, Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, City of Greeley and Fort Collins Utilities to ensure we meet the water needs of the community throughout the duration of the project.

Small actions can make a big difference

Colorado’s dry weather and drought conditions this summer have impacted our regional water reserves and we strongly urge our customers to eliminate their outdoor water use leading up to the start of the project and for the duration of construction (approximately 30-45 days).

Restricted Water Uses

  • Lawn watering
  • Residential vehicle washing
  • Spraying or washing impervious surfaces (driveways, sidewalks, etc.)
  • Filling outdoor swimming pools or water features.

Activities not listed will not be restricted

We need your help

Your temporary end to outdoor water use on October 1 will help conserve our resources and benefit the entire northern Colorado community.

 Key dates for water users

  • October 1: Temporary outdoor water restrictions begin
  • October 14: Bulk water sales cease
  • October 15: Horsetooth Outlet Project start date
  • November 30: Temporary outdoor water restrictions expected to lift upon project completion


Contact the Northern Water Conservancy District for project-specific questions at 970-416-8040 or

This notice is available here in pdf.