About Us

About the North Weld County Water District…

North Weld County Water District provides drinking water to homes, businesses, agricultural and livestock operations in the area north of Greeley, east of Fort Collins, south of Nunn and west of the Gill/Galeton area.  The District was created in 1962 and began selling and installing taps around 1965 once infrastructure was in place.

There was no public water supply at the time for local homeowners and businesses that relied upon irrigation water or wells to serve their needs.  From the inconsistent water that these sources provide, these folks determined that a long term, reliable supply was a necessity.

North Weld County Water District is a statutory special district formed under the laws of the State of Colorado.  As a Special District, NWCWD is a quasi municipal corporation. Quasi-municipal corporations deliver services normally provided by a county or town government.  The District Enterprise was created by the District, in order to comply with the provisions of Section 20, Article X of the Colorado Constitution and Article 45.1 of Title 37 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, as applicable.

The District is governed by a directly elected, five member Board of Directors.  Any registered voter who resides in or owns taxable property in the District can vote in District elections and serve on the Board.  Board members serve staggered four year terms and meet once a month.