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Water Tap Request Form:

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Water Tap Request Fees:

Commitment Letter Fee: $100.00 per equivalent tap for all lots which “an intent to provide service” is denoted in a Commitment Letter.  For such Commitment Letter, the District shall reserve capacity for the applied water service in the delivery system for a period of one year.


Review Fee: $40.00 per lot, up to a maximum of $800.00

Both fees must be paid in conjunction at the time of the application.

Fee Example: A two Lot Recorded Exemption with one existing North Weld Water meter would require a $100.00 Commitment Letter Fee and a $40.00 Review Fee for a Total Due of $140.00.

Once the Request Form has been received and the fee paid, the Request is reviewed by our engineer. The review normally takes a minimum of 8-10 weeks after receipt. If there are issues with the application that must be sorted out, additional time may be required by our office. At the bottom of the application, you may indicate how you would like the Commitment Letter returned. Please note that mailed letters will be sent via certified mail and must be signed for.

Our office staff can give you an estimate on the cost of the basic tap fees excluding installation of the meter. The office staff is unable to determine if a tap is actually available for the area in question since line size and location does not equate to capacity to serve another tap.

The Commitment Letter is a one year commitment to provide water service for the property. If the letter has expired, then a review of the letter must be done and a new letter issued before the tap purchase.  The price of the tap on the Commitment Letter is valid for ten (10) days after receipt of the letter. After 10 days, prices are subject to the current rates then in effect. We provide service on a first come, first serve basis.

Tap Fees must be paid in full before the meter will be installed and the account considered active. When you are ready to proceed in purchasing your tap, we require a copy of your warranty deed providing proof that you own the property, payment for the tap in full, and a current Commitment Letter must be on file with our office. We require a short agreement that must be signed and notarized in our office. We issue the receipt of purchase at this time so that you may obtain your building permit. At the time of purchase, we will also ask whether or not you would like the meter to be installed or to be held until you notify us. If the meter installation is requested at the time of purchase, the normal wait for the installation is between 4-6 weeks. If the meter is held, it can remain so for up to one year without the owner incurring any extra charges. If the meter remains unset after one year from the purchase date, minimum monthly billing will apply and will be billed at the then current rate. For held meter installations, we request that you contact us 8-10 weeks in advance so that the installation may be placed onto our schedule.

Water Tap Request Waiting List – July 17,2024