Bulk Water

Bulk water for construction is available from certain fire hydrants located within the District or from a Fill Station located approximately 0.5 miles east of Hwy 85 on WCR 88. This location is close to the southeast edge of Pierce.

In order to obtain a meter or use of the Fill Station, the customer must sign an agreement, pay the refundable deposit fee of $1,100, and be in good standing with the District.  The deposit can be returned after the meter has been checked in and the final bill paid.

The current rate for Bulk Water is $17.37 per thousand gallons. The daily rental charge for a meter is $25 a week or $5 per day, Monday through Friday.

Only District meters and hydrant wrenches may be used on District facilities.  Failure to comply may result in penalties or loss of privileges.  Use of a hydrant without a meter constitutes theft and violators may be prosecuted.

Hydrant Meter & Bulk Water Usage Agreement