Developer Information

New Development is strongly encouraged to contact the District early in your planning process.

Please start by filling out a Water Tap Request Form and include your conceptual plan and the fire flow required by the local Fire Department.  A workflow diagram is available to assist you with navigating the process. The District does not issue ‘will serve’ letters therefore a complete review of the proposed development is required to produce a Draft Water Service Agreement.

We will require a Utility Report and Plan as the process moves forward and the District will provide basic hydraulic information for modeling efforts.

The District’s Design Criteria is available as a secure document.  If you require an unsecured version, please contact the office at (970) 356-3020 or email Jared Rauch.

Notice of Policy Change  Effective October 12, 2020

At the North Weld County Water District Board Meeting held on October 12, 2020, the Board adopted Resolution 20201012-01 modifying the District’s Raw Water Dedication requirements.

Resolution 20201012-01, in summary, requires owners or developers to transfer acceptable raw water rights to the District in satisfaction of one hundred percent (100%) of the raw water requirements for such development project.

Dedication of raw water rights may be in a phased approach, in the District’s discretion, to be agreed upon and memorialized in writing in a Water Service Agreement by and between the District and the owner or developer.

A copy of Resolution 20201012-01 is available on the District’s website, unless subsequently consolidated, replaced, or superseded by an action of the District’s Board of Directors at a public meeting.