The same natural forces that trigger cold-weather breaks in NWCWD’s mains can cause pipes to burst in your own household or business plumbing. Here are tips for avoiding costly damage. Before Cold Weather Hits: Know the location of your water shut-off valve and test it […]

RESOLUTION NO. 20221011-02   RESOLUTION  OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF NORTH WELD COUNTY WATER DISTRICT RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF BALLOT ISSUE 7A                                                               WHEREAS, North Weld County Water District (the “District”) was organized pursuant to §§ 32-1-101 et seq., C.R.S. (the “Special District Act”) […]

To ensure that current customers continue to receive reliable water services, the North Weld County Water District (NWCWD) needs to make significant investments in infrastructure. This November, voters will determine whether to fund these investments through rate increases or property taxes. The November ballot includes […]

In an effort to determine the best way to fund the significant investments in infrastructure needed to maintain reliable water services, the District launched a customer survey in late August. The survey asked whether infrastructure investments should be financed by property taxes or rate increases. Neither […]

The North Weld County Water District invites you to participate in an important survey regarding a possible ballot measure to fund improvements to accommodate existing demand, respond to growth, upgrade aging infrastructure and increase the reliability of service. We want to know your opinion, and […]

Preliminary Judge’s Abstract of Votes for the May 3, 2022 election for the North Weld County Water District.  The count will be completed on May 11, 2022.  Please note that the results are not final until the Canvass Board has met and certified the Election […]