Manage Your Account

The water tap, in Colorado, is different than your other utilities.  We must have the current owner of the land listed as the owner of the tap since the water is considered real property and is sold with the land.  A tap cannot be sold or moved off of the land it is currently on without permission of the District or the District’s Board of Directors.

There are many situations in which the name on the account needs to be changed.  Below are several examples and what the District would need from the customer to change the account information:

Sale of Property
The title company, in most instances, will contact the District prior to the closing for a final reading of the meter.  If you are not closing with a title company, then the seller or responsible party must contact the District for the final reading and required paperwork.  This reading is usually taken two days in advance of the closing and represents the end of the responsibility of the seller for the tap and the beginning of the responsibility of the buyer.  There is a $25.00 transfer fee collected from the buyer of the property at closing.  The District does not turn off water for the sale of a property unless directed to do so.  If the water has been off to the property for a time, the District requires someone to meet us at the property when the water is turned back on to prevent possible property damage in the home due to a leak or an open faucet.   Our service orders can be performed normally within 4 hours but we appreciate at least a 24 hour notice.

Change of Tenant
The owner or the tenant may call into our office to request a change of billing information.  We will send the owner a confirmation letter stating that we received a change of tenant information.  The owner is ultimately responsible for the account and therefore any unpaid tenant bills will be directed to the owner for payment.  The District, as a courtesy, will send a 60 Day Delinquent Notice and a 90 Day Shut Off Notice, if applicable, to both the tenant and the owner.  Tenant information is used for any person or entity that is responsible for the billing but is not the owner of the property.

Name Change
The District requires the appropriate paperwork to be on file indicating the name change.  For example, this document may be a Quit Claim Deed which shows the property moving from the old name into the new name.

The District requires a copy of the death certificate or a deed showing current ownership.

The District requires a copy of the divorce paperwork indicating the transfer of the property.  In most cases, a deed will also be generated and is preferred by the District for proof of ownership.

If you have a situation not outlined here, please just contact the District for guidance on the appropriate proof of ownership.

The District asks that the property owner call our office to give us information about the situation.  The District will shut off the water at the meter to prevent property damage or leaks which will unnecessarily increase the amount due.  The District should be contacted prior to the closing of the property to provide the final reading information and the outstanding balance due.  The District requires the outstanding bill to be paid before the water will be turned on to a property.