Resolution 20220214-01 and Moratorium Update

The NWCWD Board of Directors voted on February 14, 2022 to lift the moratorium on new tap sales and plant investments in Zones 1, 2, 7, and 7B of the NWCWD water system.  In doing so, the Board of Directors determined to limit the number of water tap and plant investments to 120 per year until additional critical infrastructure can be completed, or additional transmission capacity can be acquired.  The Boards of Directors also adopted a Tap Sale Criteria Policy establishing the criteria to purchase a tap and plant investment from NWCWD.  A copy of Resolution 20220214-01: Concerning Moratorium and Establishing a Taps Sale Criteria Policy, including a map of the NWCWD water system map.

NWCWD will continue working on solutions that will remedy the distribution and capacity issues that are affecting NWCWD’s ability to serve new customers, while also ensuring adequate supply for our existing individual and wholesale customers. We hope to have a temporary fix in place over the coming months that will allow the Board of Directors to permit additional water tap and plant investment sales prior to the completion of NEWT III, which is a number of years away once permitting is approved