Moratorium Update

As you may be aware, North Weld County Water District (NWCWD) is experiencing some system capacity issues that are affecting future customers within our service area. While NWCWD has had system improvement plans in place for years, the permitting and approval process for the NEWT III pipeline that will bolster capacity has delayed the project and therefore limited NWCWD’s ability to serve some proposed homes and subdivisions in our service area. We recognize that this presents a significant challenge to clients of yours looking to purchase or sell property within our service area.

The NWCWD Board of Directors in December voted to extend a moratorium on new tap sales through May of this year. This is important information for you and your team to be aware of when meeting with clients interested in property within our service area. While the moratorium is in place, NWCWD will not be able to guarantee water for new development.

We are working on solutions that will remedy the distribution and capacity issues that are affecting NWCWD’s ability to serve new customers, while also ensuring adequate supply for our existing individual and wholesale customers. We hope to have a temporary fix in place over the coming months that will allow the Board of Directors to lift the moratorium prior to the completion of NEWT III, which is a number of years away once permitting is approved. We hope to be able to begin issuing limited tap sales as soon as February, when the Board of Directors will consider procedures for easing the moratorium, though not fully lifting it.