Moratorium Extension

The North Weld County Water District Board of Directors voted in October to place a moratorium on the sale of new taps and plant investments until at least December 13, 2021. This action results from proposed new regulatory language changes being considered by Larimer County that could affect the permitting process for essential pipelines needed to meet growing demand within the NWCWD service area.

This action will not affect current customers with taps issued. However, those who are going through the process to have a new tap approved will not be issued a tap during the moratorium period.

Those who are working through the tap application process will not be issued a tap during the moratorium period, nor will developers who have received a signed letter of intent to issue a tap.

We apologize for the inconvenience this action may cause. We are working hard with partners to resolve the issue, as well as ensure that we continue to serve our existing customers.