District Manager’s Letter to Customers

Dear Customers:

Population growth, increasing water demands, aging infrastructure, and the need for additional water supply have put pressure on NWCWD’s budget. NWCWD must invest in major infrastructure improvements and water purchases to continue to provide water to current customers and accommodate future growth. At the last Board of Directors meeting, Board members decided to ask you, when you vote this November, if NWCWD should fund these investments through a mill levy increase.

Currently, NWCWD invests $6 million a year in infrastructure maintenance and upgrades; that’s in addition to the $16 million NWCWD will invest in the Soldier Canyon Water Treatment Plant.

Needed Investments
However, further investment is needed:

  • $25 million of upgrades to infrastructure within the next five years to support growth without impacting service to existing customers
  • $22 million of water purchases over five years to increase water supply to prepare for drought

Proposed Funding Option: Rate Increase and/or Mill Levy Increase
Paying for these investments through rate increases alone would result in a significant cost increase in your monthly bills. Therefore, the Board decided to ask you, the voters, if a NWCWD mill levy should be included as part of your property taxes. We are currently working through the specifics of how this funding proposal will impact average households. NWCWD will share those details as soon as they’re available through public meetings and additional communication. Stay tuned to nwcwd.org for updates.

Eric Reckentine, District Manager