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North Weld County
Water District

32825 CR 39
PO Box 56 Lucerne, CO 80646

Phone: 970.356.3020
Fax: 970.395.0997

Critical Users...

Critical Users are defined by the District as:
1) Customers that for medical or health related concerns must be notified in a priority manner of any water outage. The District will give first priority for notification of any water outage known to the District. The Customer is urged by the District to store an onsite backup supply of water in the amount necessary to perform the necessary tasks for a 24-hour period.

2) Customers who require a reliable supply of water continuously and without such continuity would endanger human health or incur damages of more than $1,000. The District must ensure that a secondary backup supply of water exists through onsite-storage and pumping facilities, adequate groundwater wells, or redundancy in the delivery system. Redundancy in the Delivery System shall include a two-way feed from the distribution piping to the meter vault. This two-way feed shall be able to provide the full amount of water to the customer from each direction, assuming that one feed is shutdown for repair or maintenance. A meter by-pass and a second backflow prevention device with appropriate isolation valves shall also be required. The customer shall be responsible for all costs associated with the provision of Redundancy in the Delivery System. The District shall approve the backup supply of water for all Critical User Accounts.

Customers wishing to apply for the program must complete this Form : Critical User Enrollment

The form must be returned to the District for approval and a copy signed by the District will be provided to the customer.

Smart Watering Guidelines...

Currently, the District does not have watering restrictions in place.  We understand the importance of smart watering practices and ask that our customers be responsible and follow the basic rules of smart watering:
  1. Do not water during the heat of the day when evaporation can rob your landscape of water.  These hours are typically 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM but use your best judgment.

  2. Do not water on windy days when again your landscape is robbed by evaporation and re-direction of the water.

  3. Water deeply and less frequently to ensure that roots grow deep and strong.  Watering every third day or so is recommended for lawns and landscaping.  Try several new tools (deep root fork or a deep root needle) that deliver water directly and efficiently to the roots of trees and other larger shrubs.

  4. Make amendments to the soil to allow it to better retain moisture and provide plants with the fertilizer they need.  Mulch is amazing for water retention, temperature equilibrium, weed control, and making beds look neat and clean.  Mulch also naturally will decompose over time and allow beneficial organisms to help your soil become healthier.  Natural mulch may need to be added to every couple of years or just a simple rake or “fluff” with a pitchfork can revive that neat and fresh look.

Job Openings...

The District does not have any current openings.