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North Weld County
Water District

32825 CR 39
PO Box 56 Lucerne, CO 80646

Phone: 970.356.3020
Fax: 970.395.0997
E-mail: Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

Before moving dirt in any way, call 811 for the Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) at least three working days before you dig.  UNCC will contact all utility companies located in the area to locate and mark their underground utilities.  This service is offered at no charge to you.

While underground utilities are initially buried a safe distance underground, over time, erosion and landscaping can bring these lines closer to the surface.

North Weld County Water District maintains our facilities and the meter located just inside your property line, in most cases.  The service line from the meter to your home or outbuildings is your responsibility and North Weld County Water District cannot assist you in locating those lines.  Please contact our office for several companies who can assist you in locating your service line and/or locating a leak.

Hitting a buried utility line could result in property damage, serious injury or even death.

Follow these steps for safe digging:
  1. Before you dig or excavate, call UNCC at 811. This is a FREE Service and should be part of your excavation or installation timeline.
  2. Wait and plan for the required three working days before digging or excavating to allow time for all the utilities affected to respond to your request. If you believe that a line exists that has not yet been marked, call the utility directly for confirmation.
  3. The marks are only valid for 30 days. Update markers by calling UNCC if your job is delayed. Protect and observe markers (colored stakes, flags, or painted lines) to ensure proper and safe digging.
  4. Dig with care. When you believe that a utility line is close, proceed cautiously by hand digging 18 inches on both sides of the markers.

Helpful links for more information:     National One-Call Center          Colorado One-Call Center