Board Members

The North Weld County Water District Board of Directors meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at the District Office, located at 32825 County Road 39, Lucerne.  The meetings are held at 1:00 p.m.  The public is welcome but it is strongly recommended that you call ahead to ensure placement on the agenda.  All agenda items must be submitted to the office staff no later than the Wednesday preceding the Monday Board Meeting.

District Manager:

  • Eric Reckentine

Current Board Members:

  • Gene Stille, President
  • Gary Simpson, Vice President
  • Robert Arnbrecht, Secretary
  • Todd Bean, Treasurer
  • Scott Cockroft, Second Vice President

2017 Board Meeting Schedule:

  • January 9th and 23rd
  • February 13th and 27th
  • March 13th and 27th
  • April 10th and 24th
  • May 8th and 22nd
  • June 12th and 26th
  • July 10th and 24th
  • August 14th and 28th
  • September 11th (Moved to September 12th) and 25th
  • October 9th and 23rd
  • November 13th and 27th
  • December 11th

Serving on the Board of Directors

The District is governed by a directly elected, five member Board of Directors.  Any registered voter who resides in or owns taxable property in the District can vote in District elections and serve on the Board.  Board members serve staggered four year terms and meet twice a month.  The Director terms are limited by term limits.  If you would be interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact our office for more information.  You must reside within District boundaries or own taxable property and you would be subject to eligibility based on the defined Director Districts.


The May 2016 Election was cancelled for the District as there were no more candidates than open positions.

Election and Board information can be found in the annual Transparency Notice published each December.

For more Election Information: Download Transparency Notice.

Petition of Inclusion

The District is currently working on including lands into the District which are currently served by the District but for a variety of reasons were not included to the District.  The process by which this is done is called a Petition of Inclusion.  Please contact the District if you have general questions or if you received letter requesting your Petition of Inclusion be signed.  Inclusion into the District means that, first and foremost, you can be provided service by the District.  If you are not included into the District, then the District does not have an obligation to serve the property and your tap could be removed.  Inclusion allows you to legally vote in District elections and like other inclusions, would allow the District to assess a mill levy.  In 1992, the District met it’s obligation for repaying the General Obligation Bonds, therefore, the District no longer has a mill levy.

Please note that the initials you see on your property tax statement “NCW” or “NCWCD” are not North Weld County Water District (NWCWD) but are the initials for the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.  If you have questions regarding their procedures or the assessed fees, please contact the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District directly at (970) 532-7700.